Embroidery, Screen Printing & Sublimation

Greatrex Sporting Goods offers in-house Embroidery, Screen Printing, and Sublimation Printing services


• Embroidery is the perfect medium for displaying your brand or logo onto bags, banners, costumes, jackets, headwear, polos, shirts, singlets, tees, ties, towels and a host of other items.

• It is the process of stitching beautifully designed logos and text onto fabric.

• Digitizing for embroidery is the process performed by our highly trained and skilled designers using advanced software and specialised techniques to create and sample your design for approval before embroidery on garments.

• All of our artwork, design, digitising and embroidery is done in-house in our Port Road premises and your designs are stored for your repeated use.

• We offer embroidered badges that are beautifully edged for a sharp finish, and can even back these with hook and loop (Velcro) where needed for application onto garments.

• We also supply a vast range of clothing including corporate wear, casual wear, headwear, industrial and work wear, sportswear and promotional products, all of which can be embroidered. As we also offer in-house screen printing services, you can team embroidery and screen printing for the perfect finish on all of your required items. See our Clothing Catalogues page, accessible from Clothing & Caps, Sports Uniforms, and the top menu bar.

• As well as corporate, club and business wear, we also offer one-off embroidery such as on towels, caps, and garments – perfect for Christmas gifts, Christening gifts, birthday presents, wedding gifts, and names for identifying your clothing. Pricing for one off embroidery is very low and starts at just $10 ea.

• Whether your requirements are for a single item or for high volume, single colour, simple designs or text, to multi-colour, intricate and complex designs, our team will proudly create the highest quality consistent embroidery. We have been offering in-house embroidery for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on the quality of embroidery we produce.

• Let us help you create

• Contact us for more details by email or phone or submit a design using our contact us page or using the form below.

Screen Printing

• From single colour to multi-colour prints, in small or large quantities, as small chest or large front or back designs, screen printing is an economical and prominent method of displaying your message.

• Screen printing is the process of allowing ink to pass through an image on a prepared screen onto your garment or article. The inks are then dried through a heat tunnel to provide a long-lasting, beautifully decorated product

• We convert your designs or create your ideas into high quality film work suitable for exposure onto screens, which is the setup process necessary for screen printing.

• Our highly qualified team designs, creates the artwork, prepare the films and print in our well-equipped on site factory, and then prints each item with the designs you require. Screen printing is ideal for larger quantities from about 10+ and becomes more economical as the quantity increases.

• As well as logos for businesses, associations, clubs and teams, screen printing can be combined with embroidery to create unique stunning fashion items

• Screen printed t-shirts are a popular item for promotional uses, club merchandise, and events such as pub crawls, parties/celebrations, and marathon runs.

• To make it an easy process for you, we can supply the garments and textiles you require and supply these to you fully decorated with embroidery, screen printing and a range of other decoration methods. All you need to do is place your order and collect once complete. As we also offer in-house embroidery services, you can team embroidery and screen printing together for the perfect finish on all of your required items.

Sublimation Printing

• At Greatrex Sporting Goods / Greatrex Australia we do all of sublimation printing in-house in our Adelaide factory.

• Sublimation printing allows the creation of multi-colour designs with the option of covering the whole garment or textile, with an unlimited number of colours, logos, and design features in the garment.

• Sublimation printing is suitable for printing on polyester fabrics for corporate wear, sportswear, and a wide range of textiles such as flags and pennants.

• It is a process whereby the ink on digitally printed papers is transferred to polyester fabric through high temperatures and pressure. This means that we can create multi-colour and complex design garments that are long-lasting and very durable. The logos never peel off or fade away.

• Using our in-house design facilities, we can utilise our custom patterns and designs or customise a design using your imagination and creativity. You can see your design concept come to life in a custom garment which is truly unique.

• Using the process of dye-sublimation printing we can manufacture garments of all type, for all sports, and for all uses – polos, v-neck tops, singlets, jerseys, jackets, you name it!

• All of our artwork, design, printing and transfer is done in-house in our Adelaide factory.

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