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Screen Printing


    • From single colour to multi-colour prints, in small or large quantities, as small chest or large front or back designs, screen printing is an economical and prominent method of displaying your message.

    • Screen printing is the process of allowing ink to pass through an image on a prepared screen onto your garment or article. The inks are then dried through a heat tunnel to provide a long-lasting, beautifully decorated product

    • We convert your designs or create your ideas into high quality film work suitable for exposure onto screens, which is the setup process necessary for screen printing.

    • Our highly qualified team designs, creates the artwork, prepare the films and print in our well-equipped on site factory, and then prints each item with the designs you require. Screen printing is ideal for larger quantities from about 10+ and becomes more economical as the quantity increases.

    • As well as logos for businesses, associations, clubs and teams, screen printing can be combined with embroidery to create unique stunning fashion items

    • Screen printed t-shirts are a popular item for promotional uses, club merchandise, and events such as pub crawls and marathon runs.

    • To make it an easy process for you, we can supply the garments and textiles you require and supply these to you fully decorated with embroidery, screen printing and a range of other decoration methods. All you need to do is place your order and collect once complete. As we also offer in-house screen printing services, you can team embroidery and screen printing together for the perfect finish on all of your required items.

    • Browse our brand catalogues for your selection – see on-line catalogues in the top menu bar.

    • Let us help you create.

    • Contact us by email or phone or submit a design through our uniforms quotation page for fast and free quotations.


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