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Dye-Sublimation Printing


    • At Greatrex we do all of sublimation printing in-house in our Adelaide factory.

    • Sublimation printing allows the creation of multi-colour designs with the option of covering the whole garment or textile, with an unlimited number of colours, logos, and design features in the garment.

    • Sublimation printing is suitable for printing on polyester fabrics for corporate wear, sportswear, and a wide range of textiles such as flags and pennants.

    • It is a process whereby the ink on digitally printed papers is transferred to polyester fabric through high temperatures and pressure. This means that we can create multi-colour and complex design garments that are long-lasting and very durable. The logos never peel off or fade away.

    • Using our in-house design facilities, we can utilise our custom patterns and designs or customise a design using your imagination and creativity. You can see your design concept come to life in a custom garment which is truly unique.

    • Using the process of dye-sublimation printing we can manufacture garments of all type, for all sports, and for all uses – polos, v-neck tops, singlets, jerseys, jackets, you name it!

    • All of our artwork, design, printing and transfer is done in-house in our Adelaide factory.

    • Let us help you create.

    • Contact us by email or phone or submit a design through our uniforms quotation page for fast and free quotations.


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Greatrex was established 40 years ago by former Australian baseballer, **Kevin Greatrex and his wife Judy. Initially established to supply the baseball and softball community with good quality affordable playing equipment, Greatrex were asked to supply uniforms designed for play. read more


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