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Aussie T - Ball Rules

What is Aussie T - Ball

• Aussie T - Ball is a national initiative managed by the Australian Baseball Federation, delivered by affiliated State and Territory Baseball Associations, and run by local clubs and volunteers.

• Aussie T - Ball is an age appropriate, modified, introductory program to baseball for boys and girls of all abilities. The game is a six a side, bat and ball game that is all about being active and having FUN, learning new skills and meeting new friends.

• Aussie T - Ball is supported by the Australian Sports Commission and Major League Baseball.

• Aussie T - Ball is baseball's junior entry point program to introduce children to the game.

• Aussie T - Ball can be delivered by local baseball clubs, schools, community groups, and various sporting associations.

• The target age group is: – 5 - 8 year olds for clubs – Primary years for school children

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